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Dragable error


I am getting an exception when I try to create the polygon control


Unhandled exception at line 3747, column 65 in http://localhost:65056/ScriptResource.axd?d=p_pu_ciPZh3zsHMxsa8vb03_6kaQcyg6YIrmWptBTdijpmDclk3iLRNzcJgZcTD75jymX2qIcY22YXLdmVbd0fvtVHB8T7BF9P7-EpgmwujiFQm5jEvkmIIFzc_H8653QCM8_CiDHCqWtAIT0hNnKSuNMQHwLlJ1M61ipwk1mhu5Uhz9c6x2kMS9xxFcCzjL0&t=ffffffffd416f7fc

0x800a139e - JavaScript runtime error: Sys.InvalidOperationException: 'draggable' is not a property or an existing field.




Can you share us your code ?   Zip your project send the zip file using and email it to and then we might recreate your trouble

or if you want cut&paste the code in the forum!

All the best



protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


var polygon = new GooglePolygon


Draggable = true,

Editable = true,

FillColor = Color.Red,

FillOpacity = .5F,

StrokeColor = Color.Black,

StrokeWeight = 5,

Paths = new List<LatLng> {

new LatLng(37.97918, 23.716647),

new LatLng(41.036501, 28.984895),

new LatLng(44.447924, 26.097879),

new LatLng(44.802416, 20.465601),

new LatLng(42.002411, 21.436097),

new LatLng(37.97918, 23.716647),

new LatLng(37.97918, 23.716647)










Hi John

I emailed the aspx code