About us

Google Map Control is now an official Google Maps Partner. This includes the deployment of large implementations in a range of industry-focused mapping solutions allowing organisations to visualise tracked assets, personnel and operations on the Google Enterprise Maps platform.

“The Google Maps partner program has enabled us to offer comprehensive industry-focused enterprise mapping and visualisation solutions to our customers”
”We’re pleased to be recognised as a Premier Partner, and we look forward to continuing to help customers take advantage of the Google Maps for Business products and solutions.”
Google Maps for Business harnesses the power of Google Maps to provide simple, familiar mapping technology to the workplace. Businesses can layer their data on top of Google’s base map and create their own maps and geospatial applications that are available anytime, anywhere. By using the versatile Google Maps business solutions, organisations and their employees can rely on maps that are comprehensive, easy-to-use and always up-to-date.

The Google Partner program includes companies globally that sell, service and customize Google Maps for Business solutions to suit their end customers’ needs. As a part of the Google Maps Partner program, Dialog receives training, support and deployment tools from Google.