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Piccolo STX

We can provide solutions for locating and managing truck fleets, car fleets, bus fleets, motor cycle fleets, service and delivery vehicle fleets. The STX is an advanced GPS tracker and is ideal for vehicle tracking and fleet management applications. The STX is easily installed, once installed it will monitor driver behavior and will report driving violations as they occur. Violations include sudden acceleration, sudden lane shift, sudden break and sharp turns. In addition, the STX is connected to the vehicle’s ECM to read and report the engine diagnostics data. Additionally, external temperature sensors can be wired to the STX to monitor the temperature.

    Dual Mode GPS unit for Trailer Tracking
    The industry’s most advanced & most versatile dual mode GPS unit for Trailer Tracking, Boat Tracking, and Machinery Tracking.
    Packaged in a robust IP67 waterproof enclosure with a large 7800 mA rechargeable lithium back up battery that enables the unit to send up to 5000 GPS locations on a single charge.
    The Piccolo Hybrid+ will automatically switch from regular vehicle tracking mode to asset tracking mode when the external power is disconnected.
    When powered by external power, the Piccolo Hybrid+ operates in real-time vehicle tracking mode sending GPS in high frequency for example every 30 seconds.
    Once power is disconnected, the Piccolo Hybrid+ switches to Asset Tracking (AT) mode sending data 1-2 times a day when parked ( user definable ),when movement/vibration is detected, the Piccolo Hybrid+ will automatically wake up send an alarm and for as long as the vibration continues will switch to report data at a more frequent interval (user-definable ) for example every 30 minutes.
    When movement/vibrations are detected, the device can be configured to stay awake for the duration of movement and report in real-time.