Build your Geo-location based M2M / IOT mapping platform with GoogleMapControl

Why not use the GoogleMapControl.DLL to build your own global mapping and LBS platform for your M2M/IOT devices using Visual Studio. Most of the new IOT/M2M solutions that are released today also need a mapping platform to visualize the IOT/M2M data on a map, We recommend you to use GoogleMapControl to plot the datastreams from stationary and moving IOT devices and perform real time spatial analytics generating immediate geographic insights.

You can dynamically assess geographic patterns, predict sensor movement, share data and take immediate action to reduce cost, ensure availability, increase performance and capacity, and improve the safety of your operations. Build your GMC platform and connect to your database allowing you to fuse data, predict status, and create spatially aware services to innovate, engage customers, and monetize your data.

With real time geofencing moving sensors will provided the exact information at exactly the right time and location

The GoogleMapControl is now used across a growing number of applications including:

  • Web enhancement – creating a more informed web experience for your customers
  • Mobile Asset Management – real-time insight of your assets. And with Google GeoLocation, locate your assets without GPS
  • Business Mapping – visualise your business critical information in a geographical context
  • Geo-coder and batch Geo-coder – find an address or resolve a geo-location into an address for important business decisions
  • Business Locator – make it easier for your customers to find you