Download Visual studio sample code

We understand that good sample code and documentation is the fastest way to become productive. Therefore we have prepared several complete visual studio projects and ziped them that covers different aspects of the Google Map Control capabilities. Sample website content without binaries and license.
To use it, it has to be unzipped and opened in Visual Studio. During the website build all used nuget packages, including GoogleMap control package, will be restored.
We have many more samples. Please email question or request for more sample code to
#1 Basic pap
#2 Map events
#3 Markers
#4 Markers event
#5 Polylines
#6 Marker clustering
#7 Map drawing library, create and store shapes
#8 Markers data binding.
Many more samples to be released in a near future. Stay in touch and if you need help send us an email.
The GoogleMapControl Team 2017